Arrangements – students returning for sit down (on campus) examinations/assessments from 4 to 15 January 2021

Dear student

Based on the adjusted level 3 lock down regulations announced by the President on Monday, 28 December 2021 (and promulgated in Government Gazette 44044 on 29 December 2020), the purpose of this communication is to inform our students that all existing arrangements regarding sit-down (on campus) examinations/assessments scheduled for the period 4 to 15 January 2021, will continue as planned. Online assessments will also continue as planned.

We need to ensure that everything possible is done to allow us to complete the 2020 academic year by 15 January 2021.

The faculties of Economic and Management Sciences, Engineering and Natural and Agricultural Sciences, have already via eFundi, made arrangements with specific students (undergraduate and postgraduate) to attend specific examinations/assessments on campuses of the university.

Residence facilities have been prepared for those students who would need to reside in university facilities for the period of additional assessments.  Eligible residence students who would need to make use of these facilities for the sole purpose of the second opportunity examinations/assessments, will have to provide proof of such, and must make the necessary arrangements with the staff members via email, as indicated below:

Mahikeng Campus: Freedom Gwele at
Potchefstroom Campus: Michelle Davel at
Vanderbijlpark Campus: Lungile Masango at

Students who resided in private accredited accommodation facilities during 2020, must contact their respective landlords, provide proof of second opportunity examinations/assessments and make the necessary arrangements to occupy their facilities. No additional fees may be charged for the period up to 15 January 2021.

No undergraduate students who have not been identified to return for sit-down examinations/assessments, will be allowed onto any of the campuses for the period 4 to 15 January 2021. This will not apply to undergraduate students who need to continue with practical work, or postgraduate students who need to do laboratory work.

Students who have specific enquiries, are requested to make telephonic contact with their respective faculties.

I emphasise that all health and safety protocols are in place for these assessments in compliance with government regulations, higher health protocols, as well as existing NWU protocols.

Classes for all returning students are due to commence on 15 February 2021 and further communication will follow in this regard soon.

I want to make an urgent appeal to all students who need to return to our campuses for the sake of sit-down examinations/assessments as well as practical or laboratory work, to ensure that you adhere strictly to all regulations and protocols. We need to remain vigilant and ensure that we protect ourselves and those around us.

Kind regards

Prof Dan Kgwadi
Principal and Vice-Chancellor