NWU arrangements for 20 March 2023

Dear student

Considering that Tuesday 21 March 2023, is Human Rights Day and a public holiday, the University Management has declared Monday, 20 March 2023, a self-study day for students. Lecturers are expected to guide students on the work that needs to be undertaken and submitted on or after Monday, 20 March. No classes or assessments will be done online or in-person.

Regular campus services may not be available for campus residence students and staff. Therefore, campus residence students may need to make the necessary arrangements in time.

Protection Services is regarded as an essential service; thus, colleagues in this department will be on-duty to continue to ensure the safety and security of staff, students, and university property.

Staff are requested to work remotely. Managers are expected to provide the necessary guidance, and interventions to ensure that staff in their departments are, as far as possible, able to continue to offer services. The academic programme will continue as normal on 22 March 2023.

Best regards

Prof Bismark Tyobeka
Principal and Vice-chancellor