Registration and academic orientation from 15 to 26 February, 2021

Dear student,

Arising from national delays concerning the payment of bursary funding, the registration for many of our students has similarly been delayed. After consultations with the relevant stakeholders, management has decided that the period 15 to 26 February will be an academic orientation period during which time students can access eFundi, contact their lecturers, and familiarise themselves with the programmes. Registration for senior students is also extended until 26 February. No assessments or assignments will be conducted during this period so as to give conditionally registered students an opportunity to register fully.

As you are aware, the university has been struggling over the past weeks to receive clearance for funding for all returning NSFAS students who have adhered to academic progression requirements in order to qualify for funding in 2021. An exacerbating factor is that more than 3600 senior students have applied for NSFAS funding for the first time this year, and NSFAS has not yet considered these submissions for funding clearance.
We have been working tirelessly to ensure that the moment NSFAS students are cleared for funding, the students’ status would change from conditionally registered to registered on our systems, thereby automatically giving them access to modules on eFundi (and to campuses or university residences, if they have so requested and have received a permission letter to do so).

We are concerned for those students who may still be conditionally registered by Monday 15 February due to financial reasons. These include:

Apart from our fully registered students who will have access to eFundi, conditionally registered senior students can access eFundi as temporary students. Such access indicated on eFundi is temporary until registration status is changed within the stipulated timeframe (15-26 February, 2021).

Please note that eFundi is zero-rated and thus accessible to conditionally registered students who do not yet qualify for data provision or for returning to campus.

The following principles will be applicable to conditionally registered students:

Conditionally registered students should also take note of the following important information:


Already registered students, who have not returned to campus by choice, and who have indicated their needs through the service lines, will be in receipt of data from February. Students who return to campuses will have access to Wifi, thus, they   will not receive data (ref: VCs Communique: 26 January 2021).

Permission letters:

Permission letters are issued on the basis of registration status and a request to return to the campuses. Conditionally registered students, who have indicated that they wish to return to campuses, will not be issued with such letters until such time that they have fully registered. As soon as a student’s status changes on the student registration system, a permission letter is generated automatically and will be emailed to the student. This letter can also be retrieved from the DIY system.


Only registered students, who have confirmed their intention to return to the campuses, may take up their allocated rooms places in residences. For residence related queries please contact:
Mahikeng Campus:         Mr Freedom Gwele:,  018 389 2923
Potchefstroom Campus:     Mr Greg Roberts:, 018 299 1115
Vanderbijlpark Campus:     Mr Pola Mmapulane:, 016 910 3306

NSFAS allowances:

Only registered NSFAS students will qualify to receive living allowances.

Let us continue to collaborate and ensure a successful start of the 2021 academic year.
I look forward to engaging with you further.

Prof Dan Kgwadi
Principal and Vice-Chancellor