Update: Citrix connectivity restored

Significant progress has been made in addressing the recent Citrix access issues, and all users now have access as the primary focus of our efforts. Following comprehensive testing across all campuses, we can confirm that the situation has been successfully resolved.

Initially perceived as isolated incidents, intermittent access issues have regrettably become more prominent. Our technical teams have diligently reviewed network logs, highlighting sporadic access to Citrix. In light of these findings, the team is presently engaged in a meticulous examination of various internet policies with a focus on identifying areas for potential enhancement.

Please be assured that our technical teams, including external experts, remain fully dedicated and on standby to address any further challenges. Our commitment to resolving the matter swiftly is unwavering, with the primary objective of minimising any disruption to the user experience.

Any student who has missed any assessment opportunity due to access issues, should please be in touch with the lecturer concerned, to discuss how the matter can be resolved. Lecturers are requested to take note of the Citrix access problems and support affected students accordingly.



Information Technology