Execution of options - how to access your campus

Dear first-year student

Congratulations on successfully completing your school career and making the North-West University (NWU) your home for the next few years. We are looking forward to welcome you.

In preparation for the 2021 academic year, it is of the utmost importance that we keep in mind the unprecedented effects of Covid-19, and especially the identification of a new and even more contagious variant of the virus.
In terms of directives from the Department of Higher Education and Training, permission letters must be issued to all students allowing them on our campuses. It was previously indicated that prospective students will have to indicate whether they will physically come onto a campus, and once they have registered, a permission letter will be issued to them.

You have accepted the offer from the NWU, thus you now have to execute certain options to allow the university to issue you with the permission letter. This letter will be issued to you via your email address provided.

It is important to note that only fully registered students will be issued with permission letters and not those conditionally registered. Even if you are still in the process of registering, please complete the questionnaire. Your details will then go into the system, and once you are registered, it will be pulled through and the letter will be issued.

Please respond urgently by indicating YES or NO to the questions contained in the questionnaire by doing the following:
1) dialling the following USSD *134*695*5*46#
2) clicking on this web link: https://bit.ly/3ooa2ds

Only registered students will be granted permission letters; thus, I urge you to register as soon as possible.

Upon your arrival on campus, you will be expected to adhere to all measures put in place by the university to manage the infection risks and curb the spread of coronavirus. On the day of your arrival, you will also be expected to successfully complete the Covid-19 Awareness test as well as the daily screening App. This you have to complete before you will be allowed access. Additional arrangements will be in place to accommodate the people accompanying you. Please see this infographic which will easily guide you through the process.

All information relevant to you will constantly be updated on the university’s website. Please visit http://studies.nwu.ac.za/first-years-2021

It must be emphasised again that all measures put in place as part of the reintegration of our students are done with the primary aim of working towards the successful completion of the academic programme, while simultaneously ensuring a healthy and safe environment.

Should the situation on a national level change, further communication will follow.

I want to assure you that we are committed to continue to put all possible measures in place to ensure that you have optimal opportunity to continue with your studies in 2021.

We obviously hoped for a more normalised situation, but this is unfortunately not the case. We remain optimistic that the recently announced government interventions including the continued enforcement of regulations will contain the spread of the virus.

The work towards the successful completion of the 2021 academic year begins now. Let us collaborate and commit ourselves to the NWU’s dream and purpose.

Please keep safe.

Prof Dan Kgwadi
Principal and Vice-Chancellor